The channel was created in 2020, a friend suggested people might be interested in a video about a machine I was repairing. I had my doubts, but made the video anyway. I then proceeded to let the video gather dust for a while, but after the 2nd lock-down was announced, and boredom kicked in, I dusted the video off, edited a bit more, and the YouTube channel started.

I did not expect more than 1 or 2 people to watch, so a few hundred was quite the surprise, people also started subscribing. So I figured best make a 2nd video, and more people seemed to like them, and yet more people subscribed. I then created a third video about Econet, figuring its something I’m interested in, but I bet nobody else will be. To my surprise that video really took off, and it some how ended up on the front page of hack a day.

Given I was starting to really like making videos, and people where watching and subscribing I decided to admit to my self. I was now apparently a YouTuber. So it time to make some videos.